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Battery Indicate Battery Indicate

Battery Indicate
Activating way: Press the button for more than 1.5 seconds, when the lamp is off;
Working mode: The main light source and two auxiliary light sources emit a low light as the battery level indicator;
Purpose: Users can tell the remaining battery level in a direct way and judge how long he can continue using the lamp;
Models with this function: All WISDOM miner's cap lamps with cord, all-in-one cap lamps and multipurpose lamps.

Brightness Locking
Activating way: Shortly (within 3s) double press the button, when the lamp is on, it will lock the current brightness mode;
Deactivating way: Shortly (within 3s) double press the button again, when the lamp is under brightness locking mode, it will exit brightness locking mode and return to normal;
Purpose: Users can directly light the most common-used brightness mode with just one click, rather than changing different brightnesses;
Model with this function: WISDOM multipurpose lamp.

Brightness Lock Brightness Lock

SOS Mode SOS Mode

SOS Mode
Activating way: Long press the button for 3s, when the lamp is off;
Deactivating way: Short press the button once again, when the lamp is under SOS mode;
Working mode: Send a Morse Code SOS distress signal by giving out continuous 3 short light, 3 long light and 3 short light;
Purpose: Users can send SOS signal and get help in danger with the lamp;
Model with this function: WISDOM multipurpose lamp.

Low Battery Warning
Activating way and working mode:
(1) Ordinary battery warning:
About 1 hour before the battery power runs out, the main LED light of the cap lamp will flash softly (every five seconds);
(2) Urgent battery warning:
When the battery is only able to keep the cap lamp on for 10 minutes, its main light source will flash quickly (every two seconds);
Deactivating way:
If you don't want the flashing to affect normal lighting, you can press the button for more than 2 seconds. The main light source will flash twice, the flashing stops, and then the cap lamp returns to normal lighting;
Purpose: To remind users that the power is nearly used up and the cap lamp needs charging or exchanging to the auxiliary light source;
Models with this function: All WISDOM miner's cap lamps with cord, all-in-one cap lamps and multipurpose lamps.

Low Battery Warning Low Battery Warning


Super Waterproof Super Waterproof

Super Waterproof
Model and diving capability: WISDOM miner's cap lamps with cord – 15+ m, all-in-one cap lamps and multipurpose lamps – 20+ m and passed 50 m water pressure test;
Behind this feature: Full sealed casing, stainless steel, passed and even much better than the highest level dust-proof and water-proof standard IP68;
Purpose: Avoid getting rusty or short circuited when using in moisture circumstances, improve using experience, guarantee using safety and extend the using range;
Applicable scene: Rainy night, swimming pool, shower room, underground mining, etc.

Firm Structure‬
The structure of WISDOM cap lamps is precisely designed. All plastic parts on them are made with original Bayer PC material imported from Germany which is bulletproof grade. Therefore, WISDOM cap lamps are able to realize the excellent performances like anti-fall, pressure proof, high temperature resistant, flame retardant and high transmittance.

Firm Structure‬ Firm Structure‬

All-in-One Design All-in-One Design

All-in-One Design
WISDOM new generation mining cap lamps are designed in well sealed and non-disassembled all-in-one structure. This structure not only can free miner's hands better, has smaller size and lighter weight, the most important strength it has is super waterproof and stronger explosion protection. According to market feedback, all-in-one structure is gradually becoming the trend of future mining cap lamps.

Plastic Cap Clip‬‬
The original cap clip of all-in-one cap light is designed plastic to avoid friction with cap button that could cause fire or scratching any screens or surfaces when placing in bags.

Plastic Cap Clip‬‬ Plastic Cap Clip‬‬

Fast Charging‬‬ Fast Charging‬‬

Fast Charging‬‬
WISDOM products have the common feature of fast charging. With the application of top-quality materials in the world and specially designed circuit board, both WISDOM lamps and charging equipment have higher charging efficiency to save users' time.
‬‬ For example:
‬‬ It takes only 3 to 5 hours to fully charge a WISDOM all-in-one lamp; and only 6 hours to fully charge a corded miner's cap lamp with 12.4 Ah battery capacity with our intelligent charger or charging rack.


High Lumen Lamp
WISDOM super bright corded cap lamps KL8M, KL8MS, KL12M, KL12MS are high lumen lamps, so it's normal phenomenon that the lamp holder will slightly give out heat after lighting for a while.

Color of All-in-one Cap Lamp
You may have seen blue, green and red in WISDOM all-in-one cap lamps. But what's their difference?
Why there're different colors: The difference in color is mostly due to the difference in batteries. We use two types of high-performance li-ion batteries to help achieve small differences in lighting time and brightness;
Relation between model and colors: Model A/C - green, model B/D – blue or red. For example, LAMP 3A and LAMP 3C are green, whereas LAMP 3B and LAMP 3D are blue.

Origin of the Name of Corded Cap Lamp
WISDOM corded cap lamp are named KL5M, KL8M, KL12M, KL4MS, etc. Actually, we have meanings for each letter:
K: Miner's cap lamp (Kuangdeng in Chinese);
L: Li-ion battery;
5/8/12/4: Battery capacity (6.6 Ah/8.8 Ah/12.4 Ah/4.4 Ah);
M: Maintenance-free;
S: USB charging.