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We have distributors in up to 15 countries and regions.

Become WISDOM Distributors

In order to serve our customers and end customers better, and at the same time maintain the regulation of the market, WISDOM formulates the distribution policy in 2015. We hope to develop distributors and exclusive distributors all over the world. And the new distribution policy will actually benefit our distributors. Any investors who are interested and capable are sincerely welcomed to become WISDOM distributors and join WISDOM distributor family.

WISDOM Distributors will Enjoy the Following Privileges and Supports:

To help distributors grow better, WISDOM provides privileges, rebates, technical assistance and knowledge training on the aspects of product price, advertise, communication, and so on.

WISDOM distributor authorization in English

WISDOM distributor authorization in Chinese

1. Privileges

1) Price
WISDOM distributors will enjoy more competitive prices than ordinary wholesales.
If the quantity of lamps in monthly orders and the total amount of annual orders reach a certain level, you will get the corresponding rebate.
2) Gift Packs
If the total amount of annual orders reach a certain level, you will also enjoy the corresponding sales support gift pack.

2. Supports

1) Training: Sales Training, Technical Training, Management Training
2) Internet Online Marketing
3) Exhibition Support
4) Advertising Support
5) Graphic Design: Posters, Leaflets, Roll Screens, Display Racks
6) Distributor Meeting: Reimburse Round-trip Transportation Expenses, Meals and Accommodation, One day tour, Purchasing meeting

WISDOM distributor resource kit

WISDOM Distributor Resource Kit - v1.0

Simple Process of Becoming a WISDOM Distributor

Contact Us → Information Submitting → Information Verification → Qualification Assessment → Contract Signing → Authorization Board Issuing

If you are interested in becoming a WISDOM distributor, please click the link below and download distributor application forms. Then, fill in the Distributor Contact Form and prepare materials according to the Attachments List for qualification assessment.

Please email us the application form and related materials to with the title 'Country-Company Name-Contact Person Name'. We will contact you as soon as possible after receipt of your application.

Click here to download Distributor Application Form (.zip)

Application deadline: March 31, 2016.

If you have any questions on becoming a WISDOM distributor, please send in your questions to or consult us through distributor recruitment hotline +86-755-28990261.