New generation of WISDOM corded lamps, with neoteric design and various internationally explosion-proof approved, is perfect for mining, tunneling, oil & gas and more. It has been improved to a non-dismantled structure, also being matched to the new generation of portable chargers.

Wisdom Aurora Pro

Wisdom Aurora Pro New

First launched flashlight of WISDOM. Cold forged aluminium housing with hard anodized finish. Powered by 4 * 3,500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries and 237 illumination levels. Suitable for various explosive domains like firefighting, oil & gas, aircraft maintenance and more.

WISDOM multi-purpose lamp: Lamp 4

Lamp 4 New

WISDOM Lamp 4 is the newest product of WISDOM. It shares all the features and configuration for civilian market of WISDOM Lamp 3 and adds an extra function - as a power bank! Except all the practical multi-purpose functions like home lighting and outdoor activities, it also adds power bank function. It can serve as emergency charger for phones, Ipad and other communication devices.

WISDOM cordless miner's cap lamp : lamp 6

Lamp 6

WISDOM lamp 6 has pass through ATEX M1 approval in 2017. It meets the strict requirement of European coal mining industry for explosion-proof miner's cap lamp. Besides, it passed IP68 certification and IECEx certification at the same time. Therefore, it can be widely used in the coal mining industry in most parts of the world.

WISDOM miner's cap lamp 3

UL & CSA Class I Div 1 Lamp 3 New

This type cordless lamp WISDOM LAMP 3 is specially researched and developed for all industries with USB charging way. It is UL & CSA Class I Div 1 Explosion-proof Certified, with nice appearance. It is not only for miners operating lamps, can also be used in a variety of scenes and situations, such as: Oil & Gas, Refinery, Paint Factory, etc. Amazing super bright of 11000lux in 1 meter! Has passed the IP68 diving certification.

WISDOM Multi Purpose Lamp: Lamp3

Lamp 3 New

WISDOM Lamp 3 is one of the cordless lamps of New Wisdom. Super brightness, even smaller size, lighter weight, looks more exquisite. More over, Lamp 3 has many new features to bring users more convenience and fun. It can be used in underground miners, and can be used in a variety of scenes and situations, such as outdoor sports, field work, bike, home, etc.

WISDOM miner's cap lamp with cable: KL5M


WISDOM corded is specially researched and developed for mining industry. It is super bright, small size and light weight with nice appearance. It is not only a miner's operating lamp, it can also be used in a variety of scenes and situations, such as: outdoor sports, adventure and outdoor work. In addition, WISDOM KL5M (MSHA) is the first miner's cap lamp in Asia to get MSHA approval in 2009

WISDOM Wise Lite 2 cordless miner cap lamp

Wise Lite 2

WISE LITE2 - WISDOM's first MSHA approved cordless cap lamp for use in coal mines.

WISDOM portable charger for all-in-one cap lamp: NWB-30


The NWB-30 is a portable, intelligent charger specifically designed for WISDOM cordless lamps with li-ion battery. Applicable interface: US, UK, AU standard plugs for option according to your market.

  • Filled in 5 hours
  • Customized plug
  • Equip with vehicle

WISDOM high-efficiency charging rack for corded mining lamp: NWCR-102/A


Charging rack for 102 x WISDOM corded lamps, special circuit design according to lithium ion batteries in cap lamps, charging safe and fast, longer life for batteries. It can satisfy customers' need to charge 102 miner's lamps at the same time, manage conveniently, save storage space. It is the best choice for many lamps charging, managing and storing.

WISDOM high-efficiency charging rack for all-in-one cap lamp: NWCR-60BL


WISDOM NWCR-60BL is a fast intelligent locking charger for 60 x Wisdom Cordless lamps, it is a single sided locking charger rack with 60 charging ports. Each lamp charges independently with a LED per charge port to indicate charging or fully charged.