WISDOM Multi-purpose Lamp Accessories: Magnetic USB Charger

Magnetic USB Charger

Self-designed Magnetic USB Connectors

Specially designed!
Extend the application field!

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Magnetic USB Charging Connectors
Magnetic USB Charging Connectors

This magnetic USB charger is specially designed for WISDOM all-in-one multi-purpose lamps. WISDOM designers insert magnetic metal plate inside the charging connector of USB cable. As long as you put the magnetic connector near the charging interface of multi-purpose lamp, the USB cable will exactly and firmly connect with charging interface. What a casual and time-saving widget!

Charging multipurpose lamps Charging WISDOM USB-charging mining lamps
Magnetic USB Charger Magnetic USB Charger Magnetic USB Charger Magnetic USB Charger Magnetic USB Charger
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: white
  • Length (cable): 1 m
  • Material: magnetic connector
  • Parts: magnetic interface, connecting cable, USB connector
  • Application method: 1) Connect the magnetic head with multi-purpose lamp charging interface; 2) Connect the other end (USB connector) with WISDOM power adapter (also matches other USB ports)
Applicable Occasions
Home, office, reading room, hotel, driving and anywhere with power source or USB port