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Optical Lens

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These optical lenses are specially designed for WISDOM multi-purpose lamps in order to adjust the beam to the statuses that just right for the using purposes. They are designed different patterns, according to different needs in a variety of usage scenarios in modern life. They can provide users with large angle scattered light, narrow angle scattered light, concentrated light that conforms to the German requirement for designing bicycle lights, colorful lights and other lighting effects. They are the best companion of WISDOM multi-purpose lamps, also works of creativity and interest.

Optical Lens ①②③⑤⑥

Optical Lens

Optical Lens ④

Optical Lens
Optical Lens Installation Steps Optical Lens Installation Steps 2 Optical Lens Installation Steps 3
Comparison Before and After Using Optical Lens
Optical Lens Lighting Effect: Colourful Optical Lens Lighting Effect: Colourful 2
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: 1) Colorless clear (Optical Lens ①②③⑤⑥); 2) Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple (Optical lens ④); 3) Black (small hang rope)
  • Measurement: 6.4 cm in diameter
  • Material: German Bayer PC
  • Parts: Optical lens, small hang rope
  • Application method: 1) Fit optical lens to the lens buckle on WISDOM multi-purpose lamp; 2) You can choose whether to hang the small hang rope to the hanging loop at the top of multi-purpose lamp
Applicable Occasions
Advice from WISDOM: corresponding lens (Welcome to share with us about your ideas)
Conventional lighting, camping, gathering (Optical lens ①)
Reading, facility maintenance (Optical lens ②)
Night riding (Optical lens ③⑤⑥)
Warning/seeking help (Red/yellow optical lens ④)
Night fishing (Blue, purple optical lens ④)
Other: exploration, rowing, white water rafting, family dinner, light ball, or other occasions that require colorful lighting effects