New Wisdom Investment Limited

WISDOM receives EAC Certificate

(Oct 18, 2018)

On Sep 28, 2018, NEW WISDOM INVESTMENT LIMITED (hereinafter WISDOM) received the EAC approval certificate for WISDOM KL Series cap lamp and WISDOM LAMP 6 Series cap lamp.

EAC certificate is also called the Certificate of the Customs Union (CU certification). It is an official document confirming the quality of production to approved standards within the territory of the Customs Union. The Customs Union consists of three countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

The Certificate of the Customs Union (CU certification) is necessarily required for entry into the market of the Customs Union by the customs of each Member State. And it can be used for export of goods to any country - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The certificate is also valid on the territory of each country.

With WISDOM’s cap lamps approved by EAC, it widens the global approval of WISDOM products, but also provides opportunity for growth in new markets. As well as opening access into Russia, the EAC certification will also allow WISDOM products to be supplied into Belarus and Kazakhstan, for a variety of hazardous area and industrial applications.

WISDOM receives EAC Certificate WISDOM receives EAC Certificate