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WISDOM Resolutely Fights against Counterfeit Products

(17 Mar, 2017)

WISDOM as a brand was found in 2002. It contains five thousand years of Chinese wisdom culture. After 15 years of hard work, continuous research and development, WISDOM has established a solid foundation and strength in the field of world miner's lamp, and become the world's leading brand of miner's cap lamp.

There is always accompanying by fake commodity behavior of malicious manufacturers in process of a developing brand. This behavior seriously disrupt the market order and damage to consumer rights. In the field of miner's lamp, the most serious hazard is that if the miner's lamp can’t guarantee the safety of the performance, it will directly harm the personal safety of miners, causing huge losses to the whole mining enterprises. Therefore, WISDOM is necessary to crack down on fake commodity behavior and maintain market order.

WISDOM used legal weapons to start the first shot of brand protection in 2014. Nearly three years of legal proceedings, and finally in February 2017, The Shenzhen City Intermediate People 's Court announced a decision that WISDOM wins the final victory. Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure. Fake commodity behavior are finally subject to sanctions. The case specific process is as follows:

WISDOM received a report phone that Hunan Huachuang Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd (Huachuang) and Fuzhou Golden Moral Imp & Exp Co., Ltd (Golden Moral) combined to manufacturing and sale fake WISDOM miners cap lamp on July 18, 2014. WISDOM quickly took actions to apply for trademark registration at China Customs, Joint government agencies to combat this fake commodity behavior. The right-defending action officially started.

According to WISDOM’s record, Ningbo, China Customs found a number of fake miner's lamp that printed "WISDOM" trademark on January 3, 2015. These goods were from Golden Moral, a total of 12 boxes of 350, pre-sold to Peru.

Ningbo, China Customs seized these fake WISDOM mining headlamps from Golden Moral on March 27, 2015.

China's Ningbo Customs destroyed these fake WISDOM miner lamps and punished Golden Moral 4280 yuan on April 27, 2015.

WISDOM mastered conclusive evidences show that the fake WISDOM miner lamp was made by Huachuang, and sold by Golden Moral. July 28, 2015, WISDOM filed a lawsuit against the Shenzhen Municipal People 's Court, sued Huachuang and Golden Moral manufacturing and selling counterfeit WISDOM products.

Shenzhen Municipal People's Court ruling on November 2, 2016 that Huachuang and Golden Moral had been an act of aggression, ordered:
Huachuang compensate for WISDOM of 100,000 yuan, bear the court cost of 5,800 yuan.
Golden Moral compensate for WISDOM of 30,000 yuan, bear the court cost of 3,000 yuan.

Screenshot of verdict

Screenshot of verdict

After Shenzhen Municipal People's Court ruling, Huachuang refused to accept the verdict, and appealed to the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court.

Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court final verdict on February 21, 2021, maintain the original verdict

After three years and two trials, WISDOM has put a lot of manpower and financial resources to maintain the brand. The process is hard to imagine, but WISDOM never give up, and never tolerate and allow any fake commodity behavior.

At present, WISDOM has made more than 120 countries registered trademark, and has been a world famous brand. What’s more, WISDOM has been recognized by the world's authority, including China's MA certification, the United States MSHA certification, the European ATEX certification, etc. However, some barefaced manufacturers manufacture and sale of counterfeit WISDOM products around the world for their own interests. Fake and shoddy products are often poor quality, not durable, especially in the harsh environment such as mine, there will be a great security risk threating to the safety of miners. WISDOM took this action not only to protect its own interests, but also to protect the market order and make sure the safety of miners’ lives.

WISDOM aim to be the best brand of LED miners cap lamps in the world by manufacturing high quality products and will keep on fighting with fake commodity behavior.