New Wisdom Investment Limited

WISDOM won the US patent case

(04 Sept, 2018)

In modern international trade,Core competitiveness extends from price or quality to intellectual property competition. countless companies have been forced to quit from the international market in the competition for intellectual property rights.

NEW WISDOM INVESTMENT LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as WISDOM) is an integrated enterprise which focuses on brand, R&D, sales, production and supply chain. WISDOM specializes in manufacturing LED miner cap lamp, and WISDOM lamps have covered over 110 countries. Also, WISDOM has experienced many challenges during the process of international trade, Taking the latest US patent case as an example, WISDOM faced up to the challenge and eventually won.

In June 2018, a US company sent a lawyer letter to WISDOM and WISDOM’s American customers. The lawyer’s letter was about that WISDOM WISE LITE 2 miner’s cap lamp (hereinafter referred to as "WISE LITE 2")infringe a patent of this US company and required WISDOM and WISDOM’s customers to stop selling WISE LITE 2 forever in the USA. After receiving the lawyer’s letter, WISDOM immediately set up an ad hoc group. With thoughtfully analysis and investigation on this case, WISDOM concluded that the WISE LITE 2 did not infringe the patent of that US’s company. WISDOM technical solution of WISE LITE 2 had applied for a Chinese patent in June 2012, while the US company patent application time was September 2015. In addition, WISDOM technical solution of WISE LITE 2 is different from the US company, and it is even more advanced. And then, WISDOM and the US company negotiated for 2 months through lawyer’s letters, and finally the US company admitted that WISDOM does not infringe.

WISDOM’s customers expressed great satisfaction to the result of this case, and spoke highly of WISDOM that is responsible and trustworthy enterprise. WISE LITE 2 is the second product (the first one is KL5M miner lamp) of WISDOM that has passed the strict US explosion-proof safety certification MSHA.

WISDOM has always followed its mission, builds a world brand, constantly improves the R&D. Winning this case is due to WISDOM’s excellent technical strength and forward-looking intellectual property strategy, as well as the responsibility to protect the interests of customers. WISDOM invests more than 10% of its annual sales for R&D each year, and has more than 120 independent intellectual property rights. WISDOM products have gradually covered the global market. Moreover, WISDOM won the national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification. As a highly responsible Chinese private enterprise, WISDOM has a strict traceability system in terms of technical patents and intellectual property protection.

WISDOM won in an US patent case